Year 8 Parents/Carers: KS4 Curriculum letters have been sent via email

Principal's Welcome

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to St Paul’s Academy, a school which I believe to be outstanding. 

It has been my privilege to serve this community since 1988 when I was appointed as a Deputy Headteacher at St Paul’s Catholic School.  In 1998 I became Headteacher of St Paul’s and in 2005 I was delighted to become the first Principal of St Paul’s Academy.  Over this period, I have seen the Academy grow in many different ways, all of which have enhanced the learning opportunities of our students.

In 1998 we had 400 students and in 2014 we reached our full capacity of 1,200 students, with places available to both the Catholic sector and the local community.

Our new campus has allowed us to extend our curriculum to meet the needs of every student, from those who find learning a challenge, to the most academically able.  We are delighted that the building allows us to welcome students with physical disabilities and that they can be fully integrated in our community.  St Paul’s Academy offers a longer day than most schools and it welcomes students to use the facilities from 7am in the morning to 6pm, or even later, in the evening.  The Academy is an integral part of the local community; we are involved with many primary schools, especially through sport, and we also see ourselves as part of the global community, particularly through our enterprise activities.

Such is the expertise we have developed at St Paul’s, we are now able to share our good practice with other schools.  This, of course, hugely benefits schools in a less favourable position than ourselves, but it also greatly benefits our school as many of our staff, particularly the younger ones, gain experience of other institutions whilst our students continue to enjoy their outstanding teaching.

Most importantly, however, our students at St Paul’s become part of a community which is underpinned by gospel values; a community which focuses on young people and is committed to their individual good.  The Catholic Church has a very special concern for education which is fundamental to the nature and dignity of human beings and we endeavour to reflect and foster this mission.

I look forward to welcoming you to St Paul’s.


Patrick Winston