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Our emphasis is on students as individuals. Students' needs are catered for as flexibly as possible using our wide variety of teaching techniques and learning resources.
Front building of Saint Paul's Academy with quote stating: Our emphasis is on students as individuals. Students' needs are catered for as flexibly as possible using our wide variety of teaching techniques and learning resources.

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Staff list

Teaching staff

Name Role(s)
Mr O Akif Assistant Principal: Performance Arts
Mrs A Allen Co-Assistant Principal: Inclusion
Mr  M Barcoe History Teacher
Mr C Blackburn Subject Lead: English 
Mr A Bond Assistant SENCO
Mr A Britton English Teacher
Mrs E Bryan Assistant Principal: Creativity & Technologies
Ms J Buckley PE Teacher/ Yr 7 Raising Standards Leader
Ms J Callow Co-Assistant Principal: Pure & Applied Sciences (Curriculum Development) 
Miss H Carter English Teacher
Ms T Casey Mathematics Teacher / Yr 9 Raising Standards Leader 
Miss A Cervero Fornes Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Mr P Chambers Science Teacher/ Yr 8 Raising Standards Leader
Ms E Charalambous Subject Lead: Mathematics
Ms A Charles Design & Technology Teacher
Mrs I Clarke Mathematics Teacher
Mr M Clarke History Teacher
Mr C Collins Science Teacher
Mr S Connaughton Mathematics Teacher
Mrs D Cooper Geography Teacher
Miss C Croft Drama Teacher
Miss K Crowley Science Teacher
Ms L Cullina Subject Lead: Mathematics 
Mr J Curtis English Teacher
Ms A D'Auria English Teacher
Miss L Darby History/Religious Studies Teacher
Mr G Davis Subject Lead: Geography
Ms E Devine PE Teacher
Mrs C Doherty Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Miss L Donlon Music Teacher
Mr M Donnelly Director of Gaelic Football / PE Teacher
Mr D Duddy ICT Teacher
Ms C Duffy PE Teacher
Ms K Edwards Drama Teacher
Ms I Flamant Science Teacher/NQT Induction Tutor
Miss E Foster Mathematics Teacher
Miss C Gaffney Geography Teacher
Mr O Gately Science Teacher
Mr R Gazi ICT Teacher
Ms C Gidaszewski Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Miss B Granero Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Miss A Gregory Design & Technology Teacher/ Coordinator of Vocational Courses
Mr D Griffiths English & History Teacher
Mr A Grogan Mathematics Teacher/ Yr 9 Raising Standards Leader
Mrs L Hatton PE Teacher
Mrs A Henderson Assistant Principal: English & Communications
Ms M Hepburn English Teacher/ Yr 10 Raising Standards Leader
Ms C Hession Science Teacher
Ms M Hughes English Teacher
Mrs A Igwe Science Teacher
Mr A Innocent Subject Lead PE/ Yr 7 Raising Standards Leader 
Miss A Irish Religious Studies Teacher
Miss K Janes Art & Design Teacher
Mr L Jonjo Mathematics Teacher
Ms K Joyce Science Teacher/ Yr 8 Raising Standards Leader
Ms C Kelleher Religious Studies Teacher
Miss T Kelleher Science Teacher
Miss M Kerr Science Teacher/Professional Tutor
Ms A Kinnerk English Teacher
Mr J Kirby English Teacher / Yr 10 Deputy Raising Standards Leader 
Mr H Kwabi PE Teacher
Mr S Lavery Design & Technology Teacher
Mrs H Loten Assistant SENCO
Ms D Maestri Assistant Principal: Religion & Society
Miss T Mallon Doyle  Geography Teacher
Miss S Malone Vice Principal
Miss K Maiorano MFL Teacher
Ms L Martin Specific Learning Difficulties Teacher
Miss V Martinez Gea Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Ms K Maynard Religious Studies Teacher 
Ms J McKenna English Teacher
Miss C McNamara Religious Studies Teacher
Mr T McTiernan Design & Technology Teacher
Ms B Monaghan Religious Studies Teacher
Mr A Namiq ICT Teacher
Mr C O'Carroll Mathematics Teacher
Mr S O'Connell Subject Lead: Religious Studies
Mr P O'Donoghue PE Teacher/ Yr 7 Raising Standards Leader
Mrs O Ogunyemi Mathematics Teacher
Ms K Pooley Geography & History Teacher
Ms K President PE Teacher
Ms N Radford Subject Lead Drama/ Yr 7 Raising Standards Leader
Mr D Redmond Design & Technology Teacher
Miss J Sandhu ICT Teacher / Year 11 Raising Standards Leader
Mr G Sidwell Co-Assistant Principal: Inclusion
Ms N Sivadasan English Teacher
Ms K Smith Subject Lead: Art & Design
Mr B Smyth Assistant Principal: Mathematics & Commerce
Miss C-M Stanley Mathematics Teacher
Ms J Stevenson Director of Enterprise
Miss S Stone PE Teacher/ Yr 7 Raising Standards Leader
Miss C Till Subject Lead: Modern Foreign Languages
Miss R Thomas Drama Teacher
Mr D Tsatsanis Mathematics Teacher
Ms E Tudor Assistant Principal: Teaching & Learning
Mr D Vardoulakis ICT Teacher
Ms N Vassilieva Art & Design Teacher
Mr J White PE Teacher/ Vocational Course Leader
Mrs L Willis Co-Assistant Principal: Pure & Applied Sciences (Pastoral) 
Ms A Winstanley English Teacher with responsibility for EAL
Mr P Winston Executive Principal
Mr J Wyatt-Moon Science Teacher

Learning/administration support staff

Name Role(s)
Miss H Aqua-Smith Clerical Assistant
Mrs L Archer Principal’s PA 
Miss B Assi Inclusion Co-ordinator
Ms G Boyle Teaching Assistant
Mr C Buckle Teaching Assistant
Mr S Campbell Teaching Assistant
Ms S Cogan Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Cole Science Technician
Miss A Coombes Teaching Assistant
Mr M Crinnegan Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Critchfield Teaching Assistant
Mr G Eldridge Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Fabian Finance Officer
Mr H Francis Learning Mentor
Mrs G Gotts Attendance Officer
Miss C Gould Teaching Assistant
Mr A Gronek Network Manager / Sound Engineer
Mrs B Hardy Clerical Assistant
Ms V Jahans School Attendance Advisory Officer
Mrs M Lawson Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Lazenby Learning Mentor
Mr S Lingwood Teaching Assistant
Ms W Lopez Valbuena Language Assistant
Mr R Mayne Learning Mentor
Miss K McGuinness Teaching Assistant
Mr J Meade Teaching Assistant
Mr A Munday Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Nelson Clerical Assistant
Mrs K Nicholas Lead Learning Mentor
Mr O Nicholas Teaching Assistant
Mrs T O’Farrell Teaching Assistant
Miss J Panesar Librarian
Mrs L Peace Teaching Assistant
Ms L Perera Teaching Assistant
Mr R Pinkerton Teaching Assistant
Mr C Rooney Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Sabini Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Sansom Teaching Assistant
Miss T Sansom Administrative Assistant
Mrs D Scott Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Simper Curriculum Support.  MRO Officer
Mrs L Singleton Teaching Assistant
Ms K Spurling Examinations & Data Manager
Mrs K Stapley Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Starbuck Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Sweeney Clerical Assistant
Mrs K Taylor Clerical Assistant
Mr R Tettey Lay Chaplin
Ms K Thompson Teaching Assistant
Mr S Tudose ICT Support Technician
Mrs G Vaughan Clerical Assistant
Ms C Viner Finance Officer
Mr J Weston Sports Assistant
Ms L Way Inclusion Officer
Mrs D Webb Learning Mentor
Mr S Whatford Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Wood Admissions Co-ordinator

House keeping staff

Name Role(s)
Miss E Adams Housekeeper
Ms M Brown Housekeeper
Ms S Cottham Housekeeper/Site Supervisor
Mr K Curtis Assistant Premises Manager
Mr M Curtis Gardener
Ms J Denny Housekeeper
Mr L Grant Housekeeper
Mr T Grant Premises Manager
Mrs J Jones Housekeeper
Mr C Kong Housekeeper
Miss S Lockhart Housekeeper/Site Supervisor
Mrs C Lucas Housekeeper
Miss C Lynch Housekeeper
Ms L Marshall Housekeeper
Mrs T Simmons Housekeeper

Restaurant staff

Name Role(s)
Mrs J Buckingham Restaurant Team
Mrs R Duru Restaurant Team
Ms S Jones Restaurant Team
Mrs J Khetia Kitchen Assistant
Mr L Knowles Executive Chef
Mrs J McGinn Kitchen Assistant
Ms S Mwanza Midday Supervisor
Mrs A Pattenden Restaurant Manager
Mr M Szuwarski Sous Chef