2020 GCSE Prep Timetable 

Parents/Carers - please keep your ParentPay accounts topped-up to ensure your children can buy lunch.

Year 7 students will NOT be issued with lockers.  If this changes parents/carers will be notified in advance.



Role of the chapel and Chaplain

Chaplaincy belongs at the heart of the school, working to support the staff in their ministry to the students, and to support the students in their own personal, spiritual and social development.

The chapel is open and accessible all day to pupils and staff. Students are encouraged to use the chapel for their own private prayer. The chapel is used as a meeting place to help organise and practise for liturgical services. Tutor groups attend the chapel for short liturgies and liturgies for staff take place when required.  

Dates and times of Mass

Voluntary Masses take place in the chapel on every first Friday of the month at 7.30am in the Chapel. All are welcome. We also have mass in the chapel throughout the season of Advent and Lent.

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Downloadable reflection sheets and prayers

Refelction sheet w/b 19th March 2018

Reflections and prayers from Cafod w/b 19th March 2018

Daily Act of Worship

A Daily Act of Worship takes place in form groups or in the year assembly in the hall. A weekly reflection sheet is provided to all staff by the Chaplain. Form groups each have a folder containing a format for class worship. These folders are personalised by individual forms and prayers written by students are kept in the folders. The folders act as a prayer resource for the students and form teachers and the folders stay with form groups throughout the student’s time at St. Paul’s Academy. The content of the folder is added to over the year and form groups are encouraged to compose and write their own prayers and intentions.


There is a weekly assembly rota, which enables each year group to gather once a week for collective act of worship. These assemblies are led by a variety of staff with particular themes such as St. Vincent De Paul, issues of justice and conservation.

Special assemblies for all year groups take place for Advent, Christmas, Ash Wednesday and Holy Week/Easter. The Chaplaincy Co-ordinator leads assemblies for CAFOD fast days, Remembrance Day, Christian Unity week, HIV/AIDS day and end of term assemblies. The Chaplain contributes to the yearly assembly rota.