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The quality of the Catholic life of the academy is outstanding. The academy provides a high level chaplaincy and pastoral support.Ofsted report 2007
Bird's eye view of a crowd of people with quote from Ofsted stating: the quality of the Catholic life of the Academy is outstanding. The Academy provides a high level of chaplaincy and pastoral support.

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Enrichment Days

PHSE Citizenship & Work Related Learning

It is proposed that rather than reintroduce Citizenship as part of the weekly curriculum we use a system of 'Enrichment Days' or 'D Days' as they are now commonly known, to deliver PSHE and Work Related Learning (WRL). In essence, the idea is that for one day every half term the timetable is suspended and everyone, staff and students, are engaged in an activity which goes towards covering our Citizenship or Work Related Learning curriculum. Without doubt, much of the Citizenship curriculum is covered through individual subject provision but there are inevitably significant gaps.

The importance of Work Related Learning

For many people, Work Related Learning is a new concept, but in fact we have a statutory obligation to deliver 5 whole days across KS4 and it is only a matter of time before it comes on line at KS3. Work Related Learning also has to be embedded within each curricular area, although for some subjects this is far easier than for others. For example, in Maths, Financial Literacy can easily be incorporated into the syllabus for each year and in English the opportunities are obviously limitless. The 'D Day' activities help to prepare students for working life and more importantly give students more informed choices when making decisions about their futures. The importance of WRL will increase drastically with the implementation of the new vocational pathways when decision making will become an evermore vital process. We also need to highlight to students what WRL is and how it is important to them. From September it is hoped to incorporate in the planner the details of WRL so that students can monitor their own progress in this area.

Educational activities outside the classroom

So 'D Days' are designed to educate and inform out of the classroom environment and they aim to give students different experiences in a variety of contexts. Examples of such days would include some activities in school but many would take place offsite. We would hope to invite into school agencies such as the Police, the School Health Service, the Fire Brigade, support agencies and people who can talk about health related matters such as healthy eating as well as alcohol, drugs and smoking. Community and global issues would have high priority with consciousness raising, with organisations such as Amnesty International and CAFOD, for example, highlighting issues such as freedom of speech and Fair Trade. Work Related Learning could take the form of work shadowing, visiting different businesses, having speakers in to talk about specific professions and preparation for Work Experience while study skills could include revision techniques. 'D Days' would also include Enterprise Activities, either those already established or new initiatives and cultural activities such as visits to museums and art galleries.

This undertaking needs to be overseen by one person who has great organisational ability and the respect of staff. Lack of organisation and cohesion will end in disaster!