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The quality of the Catholic life of the academy is outstanding. The academy provides a high level chaplaincy and pastoral support.Ofsted report 2007
Bird's eye view of a crowd of people with quote from Ofsted stating: the quality of the Catholic life of the Academy is outstanding. The Academy provides a high level of chaplaincy and pastoral support.

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Enterprise Education

Creating a 'can do' attitude

Enterprise Education is of fundamental importance to the development of Saint Paul’s Academy. As the Academy develops so does National Enterprise Education, putting increasing emphasis on economic and business understanding as well as, financial literacy. Opportunities provided in school can lead to increased self esteem, greater confidence and better preparation for the world of work which will hopefully lead to greater economic prosperity in later life. The aim is to create a 'can do' attitude rather than a passive learning environment.

Although the concept of Enterprise, and Work Related Learning, initially suggests undertaking extra curricula work, the aim is to embed the ideology and the practicalities within the taught curriculum, thus involving all members of staff. There are numerous and obvious links between Work Related Learning, our enrichment programmes and all other areas of the curriculum.

Two distinct strands

Enterprise Education will have two distinct strands. The first strand focuses on social and ethical issues as well as involving fundraising. The second strand focuses on business management and will seek to draw on the expertise of a wide range of established companies and organisations in this field.


Some of these ideas will be fairly straight forward when putting into practice, while others may be more complex in their delivery. One of the more important features has already been established through the formation of a formal 'student voice' entitled the Student Forum. This is made up of a student nominated in each tutor group who meets every half term, together with the Principal, in order to discuss current issues, tackle problems and find solutions through planned implementation.

If Enterprise Education is about raising student’s aspirations, their hopes and skills needed for further and higher education, as well as employability skills, it must project a positive image of what a young person is capable of, given the support, encouragement and opportunity in which to flourish.

A fundraising success

Since becoming an Academy, Enterprise Education has already raised a sum in excess of £31,000 for selected charities through a variety of initiatives, projects and schemes, for example:

  • Advent Programme - sponsored walks, making and selling cakes, raffles, sporting competitions, fun runs, disco, Christmas card and tag creations and sales, making calendars and selling them, car washing and many more activities.
  • Pink Days - pink ‘mufti’ days, making pink cakes and selling them, a staff strawberry scone day, a whole pink week where tutors groups come up with a wide variety of activities to raise money.
  • Ten Pound Challenge - an opportunity for year 9 groups, where each tutor group is given £10 with the ‘challenge’ of making their money grow (a real business initiative)
  • An Easter Shop - an opportunity to market and sell a range of Easter related merchandise.
  • A Waxy Works Company - a real company was set up to create a new look candle sales outlet creating, marketing and selling not only within the Academy community but the ‘outside world’.
  • Flourishing Fivers - a new activity of our new year 7 year group, beginning in September.

As an Academy we have chosen to support a wide variety of charities including Guide Dogs for the Blind, Battersea Cats’ and Dogs’ Home, Breast Cancer Care, Vision Aid Overseas, Sister Ann in Kenya, Greenwich and Bexley Hospice, McMillan Cancer Care, GOAL and other selected charities chosen or supported through the Student Forum.

Activities that have supported and developed the business management side of Enterprise Education include: 

  • Trade Fairly
  • Money Management
  • Time Management
  • Waxy Works Candle Company (now looking at the possibility of developing a Soap Company)

Finally, Enterprise Education seeks to be proactive in exploring further new ideas and initiatives as part of a business model which does not simply rely on tried and tested ideas but constantly striving to improve and develop creative thinking.