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The quality of the Catholic life of the academy is outstanding. The academy provides a high level chaplaincy and pastoral support.Ofsted report 2007
Bird's eye view of a crowd of people with quote from Ofsted stating: the quality of the Catholic life of the Academy is outstanding. The Academy provides a high level of chaplaincy and pastoral support.

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Fair Trade

Fair Trade logo.Fair Trade is a matter of international concern and increasingly high profile. It is of fundamental importance that all students understand the concept of ethical trading which ensures that profits are distributed fairly. Many students will come from primary schools with a clear understanding of Fair Trade, but for many the idea will be new.

It is hoped that through 'Enrichment Days' (or 'D Days' as they are sometimes called because they are days when the timetable is 'dropped') KS3 activities on Fair Trade can be arranged but the main focus will be on Year 10, who will research and deliver a 'Fair Trade' stall at specific times of the year. They will be responsible for all aspects of the venture which will take the form of a mini enterprise.