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Performance Arts

The Performance Arts Learning Zone consists of Physical Education, Dance, Music and Drama. These activities help students to gain self-confidence, self-discipline and tolerance. Students learn to take pride in what they do and gain satisfaction and enjoyment from their learning.



The notion of ‘Sport for All’ is central to the philosophy of the Academy’s Physical Education Programme. In many schools Physical Education is synonymous with competitive sport and although it is recognised that competitive sport has a vital role to play its emphasis should not be so great as to exclude some students.  With that in mind the Academy Specialism makes every attempt to ensure that ‘all students’ whatever their ability are given opportunities to engage in physical activity whether it be recreational or competitive. 

In recognition of our commitment to physical education we are one of the few institutions in the country to have achieved a coveted ‘FA Charter in Excellence’ and are currently the ‘Lead School for Health & Well-Being’ for Greenwich.

For students wanting to pursue physical education as a potential career the department currently offers two pathways for students at KS4 – both of which are extremely popular. The GCSE Physical Education course (Edexcel syllabus) and V Cert Sport course (NCFE) both develop theoretical knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin physical activity and sport to improve performance.




Music has always played an important role at St Paul’s Academy. A wide and varied range of experience is offered including composition, music appreciation and singing. The department is fully equipped with instruments, computers and music writing programmes. Enrichment activities are very popular and students have the opportunity to develop their music appreciation and performance in a variety of settings. 

The aim of the Music Department is to assist students in becoming informed, imaginative and enquiring musicians, giving them a wide range of musical skills and to use these skills creatively, which enhances their enjoyment of music.


All students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities as well as a dynamic curricular programme. The focus is very much on building an individual’s confidence and social skills, whilst exploring various social, political and historical issues and developing theatre and performance skills.

Drama is a very popular subject at GCSE and this course provides diverse opportunities for students to explore performance and theatre. At Key Stage 4, the Academy also offers BTEC Performing Arts (Acting) and a variety of qualifications from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art from grades 3 to 6. 


The Dance Department is one of the most popular departments in the school and is evolving each year. As well as the opportunity to participate in dance at KS3, each student has the option to join the dance club which takes place twice a week.

The aim of the dance department is to engage students in the collaborative process and to strengthen students’ creative skills in live performance through the study of craft and technique.