Examination Information

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Friday 24 May:  There will be a staggered dismissal for all students this afternoon from 1.20pm to 1.50pm.  All students should be off site by 2pm at the latest.

Letters sent home


This section will provide you with letters from the Principal, information about school trips, enrichment activities, school news and events that can be downloaded and printed if necessary.

Department   Letters   Letter Date
Whole School   Principal's Letter   April 2019
Whole School    Whole School School Uniform Letter March 2019   March 2019
Whole School   Principal's Letter   February 2019
Whole School   Principal's Letter   December 2018
Whole School   Principal's letter   October 2018
Whole School   Plastic bottles   July 2018
Whole School   Use of Images Consent   July 2018
Whole School   School Uniform letter   March 2018