OPEN DAY - Saturday 29th September 9am to 12noon

The Principal, Miss Malone, will speak at 9:15am and 10:30am

Open Mornings:

Thursday 4th October 10am - 11:15am

Thursday 11th October 10am - 11:15am

Thursday 18th October 10am - 11:15am

The Principal, Miss Malone, will speak at 10:45am


  Summer GCSE Examination Results 2018: Press Release 

CLASS OF 2018: If you have already paid for your yearbook via ParentPay, you can collect it from Reception from September onwards. Alternatively, you can bring in £3 for your copy of the yearbook. This is to cover the cost of the hardback that students requested. Thank you.



In addition to fulfilling its academic and vocational obligations the Saint Paul's philosophy and practice are based upon a series of simple truths that shall be communicated to the students at all times:


  • Success at any time and at any level takes hard work; 
  • One's conduct and actions influence and affect others;
  • Responsibility fosters self-reliance, diligence and resourcefulness;
  • Self management encourages routines for work and the need for forward planning;
  • Good behaviour and performance brings rewards;
  • One has the capability to manage one's own learning and to learn more than one believes is possible;
  • Standards relate to everyone, irrespective of ability, and much satisfaction is derived when they are met.

Our students are tomorrow's parents, workers, employers and teachers. How we treat them now determines how effective they shall be in their future roles

We consider it to be critical that the attitudes and approaches we develop at the Academy will help the students grow to become responsible and caring human beings. We will continually consult with our parents to gain their support and understanding for our work so we can achieve our common aims.