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Our emphasis is on students as individuals. Students' needs are catered for as flexibly as possible using our wide variety of teaching techniques and learning resources.
Front building of Saint Paul's Academy with quote stating: Our emphasis is on students as individuals. Students' needs are catered for as flexibly as possible using our wide variety of teaching techniques and learning resources.

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Social Communication / ASD & Language  - SEND Coffee Morning for Parents & Carers

You are invited to come and join us in a relaxed environment with specialist teaching and support staff  to find out more about social communication difficulties. 

Are you worried about your child’s communication and/or language difficulties? 

Find out what support we offer to students with ASD,  communication or language difficulties

Meet key members of staff, SENDCos, SALT  specialists and other parents in a relaxed environment: ask questions / share concerns

Tuesday 6th June  9.45am —11.15am

St. Paul’s Academy, Finchale Road, Abbey Wood, SE2 9PX

Please confirm attendance

 RSVP  -  020 8311 3868 ext 135 


Social and emotional support

The Inclusion team provides routine support across the board and specialised assistance for those who need it. Our aim is to go beyond simply providing a safety net; instead we enable our young people to develop successful strategies for dealing with problems that already exist or that might come their way in the future. In this way, students can work towards being happy in school, develop their full potential and go out into the world as well rounded young adults with the skills needed to be happy and successful citizens of the future.

Behaviour Support

Inclusion often involves working with students whose behaviour affects their own or others’ learning and well being. We challenge these students as well as supporting them to enable improvement, through working with pastoral teams to set up interventions at the Inclusion Panel or setting up and monitoring Behaviour Support Programmes. Inclusion also oversees the management of the Internal Exclusion Unit and become involved in the very few cases when it is decided best for a student to move on to another school or alternative educational provision.

Special Educational Needs

Students with special educational needs including those with more complex needs are included in all lessons. They are supported in the classroom alongside their peers by subject specialist teaching assistants.   Teaching and support staff are made aware of students’ needs and are provided with appropriate advice and support strategies by the SEND team. Students are not withdrawn from lessons unless they are receiving specialist intervention from an outside agency e.g. physiotherapy.  The needs of students with physical disabilities are met by specialist SEND support staff. As far as possible we do not advocate a one to one support policy.

St. Paul’s SEND Department also works closely with the following agencies:  Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Greenwich MOVE Programme, Educational Psychology Services, Greenwich Sensory services (both hearing and Visually Impaired), ASD Outreach, School Nurse and Children’s Services.  Work ranges from one to one or group therapy sessions to strategy meetings and work with families. When students reach KS4, SEND staff provide Life Skills support though links with other subjects. The Head of Additional Needs oversees the provision of support given to students with additional needs across the academy.