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One of the great strengths of Saint Paul's it its sense of community and people working together. This is reflected clearly in our outstanding examination results.
Colourful graffiti with quote stating: One of the great strength of Saint Paul's is its sense of community and people working together. This is reflected clearly in our outstanding examination results.

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Student care

Each one of the learning zones is managed by a leader who is responsible for the delivery of the subjects taught within the zones. These leaders are also responsible, with their team of staff, for the care of a particular year group. This means that the staff of a particular learning zone are also be the form tutors of a particular year group. In this way, the same team of staff work together in the delivery of the subjects and in the care of the students. Each activity reinforces the necessity to work as a team with common values, expectations and behaviour and, at the same time, this is easily and effectively communicated to the students through lessons and tutorial work.

Because there are five year groups in the Academy and six curriculum learning zones one group of staff will, every year, not be required as tutors and during this time that team will concentrate upon curriculum development, induction of the next year's year seven and dealing with post 16 educators and employers to facilitate progression for Saint Paul's students.

Beyond the curriculum

In addition to fulfilling its academic and vocational obligations the Saint Paul's philosophy and practice are based upon a series of simple truths that are communicated to the students at all times:

  • Success at any time and at any level takes hard work;
  • An individual's conduct and actions influence and affect others;
  • Responsibility fosters self-reliance, diligence and resourcefulness;
  • Self management encourages routines for work and the need for forward planning;
  • Good behaviour and performance brings rewards;
  • Most students have the capability to manage their own learning and to learn more than they believe is possible.

Our students are tomorrow's parents, workers, employers and teachers. How we treat them now determines how effective they shall be in their future roles.

It is crucial that the attitudes and approaches we develop at the Academy will help the students grow to become responsible and caring human beings. We continually consult with parents and careers to gain their support and understanding for our work so that we can achieve our common aims.