Pastoral Structure/Behaviour Management

At St Paul’s Academy, the curriculum is divided into Faculties, each one led by an Assistant Principal.

There are seven Faculties: English & Communications, Pure & Applied Science, Mathematics & Commerce, Religion & Society, Creativity & Technology, Performance Arts and Inclusion. Each Faculty, with the exception of Inclusion, has responsibility for a year group and moves from Year 7 to Year 11 with that cohort of students.

Each one of the Faculties is managed by a leader, Head of Faculty, who is responsible for the delivery of the subjects taught within the Faculty. These leaders are also responsible, with the Heads of Year, for the care of a particular year group. This means that the staff of a particular Faculty are also the Form tutors of that year group. In this way, the same team of staff work together in the delivery of the subjects and in the care of the students. Each activity reinforces the necessity to work as a team with common values, expectations and behaviour and, at the same time, this is easily and effectively communicated to the students through lessons and tutorial work.

For the current academic year 2021-2022, please see the structure below.

Year GroupsFaculties
Year 7 Pure and Applied Sciences 
Year 8 Mathematics and Commerce
Year 9 English and Communications
Year 10 Creativity and Technologies
Year 11 Religion and Society


Other Faculties:

Performance Arts