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The Academy Day

The organisation of the school day at St Paul’s Academy is designed to optimise teaching and learning opportunities whilst allowing our students adequate time to eat breakfast and lunch as well as play and socialise with their friends.  We believe the start and end of the school day are crucial to prepare for the learning ahead and then to reflect and celebrate the many successes of the school day.

Breakfast is available from 7.45-8.15am with students having access to food in the restaurant as well as the Food Pod; our outside food provision.  At 8.20am students assemble with their year group in designated areas ready to be collected by their Form Tutor.  Across the week the morning Form Time allows for students to prepare for their school day, take part in the PSHE programme and attend assemblies.  

At St Paul's Academy the school day consists of five 55 minute lessons.  Changeover time between lessons is built into the timetable to ensure that students arrive to lessons on time to enable teaching and learning to start promptly.  Time is also allocated during the day for students to top up their water bottles; good hydration is key to effective learning.  At lunch time students enjoy a 50 minute break, again, with food being available in the restaurant and from the Food Pod.  Seating areas outside are available for students with a packed lunch.  After the final lesson of the day, students return to their form room for a short afternoon Form Time.  This Form Time provides the opportunity for the successes of the day to be celebrated to ensure a positive end to the day.  After school, students regularly remain on the campus either working under the supervision of teaching or support staff or taking part in organised activities. 

Advantages of the Academy day

The Academy day is organised in such a way as to:

breakfast_pic   changeover   sport

Timings of the school day



St Paul’s Academy has an excellent attendance record. Levels of attendance at school and absences which have been authorised consistently reach 98.79% with actual attendance at school being at approximately 95%+. The Academy is committed to maintaining these very high standards and we work closely with parents and carers in order to achieve the best possible attendance and punctuality for all our students. Legally, we are required to register students twice a day, but at St Paul’s Academy, students are registered at the beginning of every lesson so that attendance can be easily and effectively monitored as well as enabling us to safeguard our students. In order to achieve the best possible educational outcomes and to take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered at St Paul’s Academy, students are expected in school every day, unless they are ill and the school is notified by a parent or carer, or if prior permission for absence has been granted. If a parent wishes a student to be absent from school during term time, approval must be sought in writing from the Principal. Permission will not normally be granted for holidays to be taken in term time, but we are sensitive to the fact that many of our students have relatives living abroad and that emergencies can occur. In the event of persistent unauthorised absence, the school will work in partnership with the parents and carers and our School Attendance Advisory Officer.​