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Creativity and Technologies

The Creativity and Technologies Faculty comprises three distinct subject areas: Art, ICT and Design Technology. The LZ offers a broad and flexible curriculum that seeks to inspire the interest of students, promote innovation and foster creativity.

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Performance Arts

The Performance Arts Faculty consists of Physical Education, Dance, Music and Drama. These activities help students to gain self-confidence, self-discipline and tolerance. Students learn to take pride in what they do and gain satisfaction and enjoyment from their learning.

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Welcome to The Ark

The Ark is a safe place for students at St Paul’s Academy

The Learning Mentors (LMs) at St Paul’s are the staff members who oversee The Ark.  The Learning Mentors play an integral role in the life of both students and staff at the Academy.  They provide support and guidance to students to help overcome social, emotional and behavioural problems, which act as a barrier to learning.

How do they do this?

LMs do this by building professional, helping relationships with students who have been referred to them.  These referrals can be made by the student themselves, a peer, a member of staff or a family member.  LMs will involve parents & families and can facilitate access to specialist support for young people and families.

Why do some students need support?

Students of all abilities can be identified as underachieving because of a wide range of social and emotional factors. These barriers can become internalised, taking the form of:

  • low self-esteem;
  • lack of confidence;
  • poor concentration;
  • difficulties in relationships or unmanageable feelings of anger, loss or sadness.


They may also affect health, attendance and level of engagement in learning.

Most students need short term support to sort out and make sense of what is happening to them, to reflect on how their actions can be causing problems and to work out ways to making life better.  Some students have a longer term package of support.

Learning Mentors’ working methods:

  • Daily Duty Learning Mentors: Provision of a responsive service to all students and staff.
  • One-to-One Interventions: Each Learning Mentor has a caseload of up to 14 students at any one time. Learning Mentors will meet with their mentee over an agreed length of time.
  • Focus Groups: Provide a safe environment for students to explore, with their peers, issues that are relevant to them.


Who are they?

We have four Learning Mentors & a Lead Learning Mentor.  Our Lead Learning Mentor is also the Academy’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). 




Huw                          Diana                     Kim                    Monique              Richard



These are some external agencies who work with our students in the Ark: 


      xlp logo citizen    stgiles       
    oxleas camhs more      


Tools students can use for information, help & support:

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SEND Documents


Support for Students with Special Education Needs


How  does SEND support work at St. Paul’s?

St Paul’s is an inclusive school where all students are included in all lessons. Most additional learning needs are met within the classroom by Quality First Teaching and subject specialist teaching assistants (TAs). Students with high learning needs are usually taught in smaller classes with specialist SEND TAs. Students are not withdrawn from lessons unless they are attending a specialist intervention. All staff, including teachers and teaching assistants, are made aware of students’ needs and provided with appropriate advice and support strategies from the SEND team. As far as possible we do not advocate a one to one support policy.


Working with External Agencies

St. Paul’s SEND Department also works closely with the following agencies: Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Greenwich MOVE Programme, Educational Psychology Services, Greenwich Sensory services (both hearing and Visually Impaired), ASD Outreach, School Nurse and Children’s Services.  Work ranges from one to one or group therapy sessions to strategy meetings and work with families. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about SEND Support at St Paul's Academy

Head of SEND - Alex Dunnett 0208 311 3868





At St. Paul’s Academy, we recognise that every student is an individual. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where every student can succeed no matter what their starting point. The Inclusion team are experienced, resourceful and creative. We are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our students.

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Pure and Applied Sciences

At St Paul’s Academy, the central aim of the Pure & Applied Science Faculty is to help students to develop the skills, attitudes and qualities needed for them to contribute positively to an increasingly scientific and technological society.

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Mathematics and Commerce

The Mathematics & Commerce Faculty develops each student’s understanding of mathematical concepts through a variety of different teaching methods. Both pure and applied Mathematics are taught and the practical and day to day relevance of Mathematics are emphasised through lessons and extracurricular activities.

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English and Communications

The excellent English Department at St Paul’s Academy is committed to the belief that all students should make progress in the subject, regardless of their ability.  With the flexibility to create different pathways for learning, both in KS3 and KS4, teaching and learning is tailored to ensure that all our students experience the right level of challenge in this subject.

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