The Religion and Society Learning Zone embraces Religious Studies, Geography and History. These subjects share a common core, in that they all deal with the breadth of human experience. In studying all three disciplines, Saint Paul's Academy students are given the opportunity to widen their knowledge and understanding of issues encompassing spirituality and worship, a sense of place and development of the human experience through time.

Saint Paul's Academy students are given the opportunity to study a theme-based History course where the units focus on a series of key questions. These include 'How did people live? (Locally/Nationally/Internationally)', 'How did societies change?' and 'How did Change lead to Conflict?' Topics include developments in British, European and World History, between the 11th and Twentieth Centuries.

All of the subjects in this zone can be pursued to examination levels and it is expected that all students sit the GCSE Religious Studies, many of them in Year 10.

All subjects will organise, over the five year period, a series of trips and visits to enhance the students' appreciation and understanding of what they are studying.

The role of citizenship and its delivery is a prime responsibility of this zone and all activities that contribute to citizenship across the curriculum are monitored by the zone's team. This includes the Enrichment Days which take place every half term.

With the growth and expansion of the Academy in the future, the Religion and Society Learning Zone are contributing to and planning additional academic and vocational courses, such as, BTEC Travel and Tourism and GCSE Ethics and Philosophy.