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Year 9 students within the Geography department at St Paul’s Academy have spent time researching the latest Hurricane to strike the US coastline. William is author to what has happened in the subject during the month of September.

Hurricane Dorian was a hurricane to terrorise the Bahamas, South and North Carolina and Newfoundland from late August to early September of this year. We certainly felt the remnants of the wind in the UK! Many people were affected by this hurricane and many were left dead. On the 24th August, Dorian formed by a tropical wave in the centre of the Atlantic and on the 25th become a tropical storm. By the 28th it became one of the most powerful hurricanes seen in recent times. The hurricane continuously gained strength until by the 1st September, it was a category 5, being the strongest level a hurricane can achieve. The UN has given a $4.3 billion donation for a three month emergency relief aid in the Bahamas to mitigate against longer-term effects.


  hurricane.jpgThe pathway of Hurricane Dorian       rubbish.jpg

Bahamas and the destruction left by Hurricane Dorian

In class, we were given the task in groups to find out more information about Hurricane Dorian or Hurricane Sandy (another large hurricane that happened in 2012) and make newspaper articles, PowerPoints or information sheets about them. We then reported this as a news broadcast for the BBC. In the news broadcast we showed this to the class and have had it recorded with the best one getting a reward and featuring on the school website. The other students in the class have voted for the best example via our school platform Doddle. One student said, “It was really fun because doing stuff like this in class makes school a lot more fun. It’s not very often we do things like this but to be able to do this in a lesson makes it so much more enjoyable” (Year 9 student in Geography).



Robin, Joel and Chibuikem reporting for BBC News in the classroom


This is William Barrett reporting for the Geography department at St Paul’s Academy.