Summer Scheme 2017


St Paul’s Academy Summer Scheme; Easing Transition and Building Future Leaders

The last three weeks of the summer holidays saw St Paul’s Academy offer a structured summer scheme for our new Year 7 students.  This summer scheme was promoted to our new Year 7 students free of charge with the aim being to assist pupils in their transition from primary to secondary school which, for some, can be an incredibly daunting and uncertain process.  As well as helping to ease student anxieties as they transition from primary school to St Paul’s Academy, the summer scheme has also promoted the development of student health and well-being through engagement in a range of sporting activities.

Students have enjoyed a structured timetable of daily activities, organised and led by St Paul’s Academy PE Department with key members Michael Maher and Martin McGrath leading the programme over the summer period, assisted by our student Sports Leaders.  Each day pupils took part in a rotation of four sporting activities, two before lunch and two after.  The sporting activities available to pupils included football, Gaelic Football, netball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, Sports Hall athletics, European handball and fitness to name but a few. 

Throughout the course of the three week long summer scheme it was clearly evident to see pupils’ enjoyment and enthusiasm for the programme and the activities which they engaged in.  Participation in our summer scheme enables students, in particular those students who will be joining us in September, to develop vital social and interpersonal skills.  Engagement in this programme allows students to form friendships, become familiar with their new surroundings while at the same time enabling them to learn new skills and remain physically active throughout the summer holidays.


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Not only has our summer scheme catered for the needs of children and families from the local community, over the last number of years it has also provided opportunities for pupils of St Paul’s to gain valuable experience coaching in a range of sporting activities, allowing them to work closely with primary school children of all ages and abilities.  This year a number of our school Sports Leaders, as well as some of our past pupils, religiously attended the summer scheme each day to give of their time to help staff organise and run the programme.  Such pupils deserve massive credit and praise for their efforts and hard work over the course of the scheme, especially considering how they very willingly volunteered their time to help out during their own summer holidays.  This is evidence that shows how truly passionate our pupils at St Paul’s are about sport and the efforts they go to to help others and further develop themselves as young leaders and positive role models.  Through engaging in the programme pupils were able to develop vital leadership and teamwork skills as well as sport specific knowledge, confidence and the ability to work independently and take the initiative where and when needed.  The students who assisted with the delivery of the programme were: Michael Parker, Emmanuel Akintola, Isaac Nascimento, Lora Umelue, Mira Umelue, Vera Umelue, Stephen Ola-Oni, Micky Ashong, Tobi Adedibu, Francis Higgins, Rebecca Maddy and Alena Conteh.

On behalf of the Head of Department of PE, Mr Anton Innocent, we thank all of the students and staff who have taken the time to be involved in what has been a fantastic summer of Sport and Health.  Thank you to our Head Teacher, Mr Winston and Governors for supporting this initiative.

It is hoped that the SPA summer scheme and other likewise initiatives can continue to benefit SPA, its staff, current and past pupils, primary school children and the wider community of St Paul’s Academy throughout the coming years.