Peabody Ambassadors


SPA GEOG Ambassadors

& Peabody REGEN Project

Written by Amy Krens (Class of 2016).


Figure 1- SPA Geographers past and present.

Thamesmead is a town which is currently undergoing regeneration. we were privileged enough to go to visit Peabody on the 29th September 2017, to see the proposed plans for Southmere Lake’s NEW Library design. The REGEN Project by Peabody fascinated me as this is an area which I have lived in since I was born, and although Thamesmead is very large area, I never really saw real development. The houses often seemed outdated, grey and dismal, dilapidated even, however, with these proposed plans it will bring a welcomed regeneration to Thamesmead.


Figure 2- The 'Swan Nest' Design A Southmere Library.


Figure 3- Design B of the Southmere Library.


Figure 4- Design C of Southmere Library.


Figure 5- Design D Southmere Library.

Although the proposed plans had their own unique agenda, some caught my eye more than the rest, my personal two favourites were the ‘Swan Nest’ (Design A) and the multi-faceted facilities in Design D. The Swan Nest was unique and very creative; it bought nature into the design which is a key passion of mine. The entwining branches within the building gave it a natural but a unique feel, and although it may look very modern - which is good for our contemporary society-  I am almost certain the older community would like this too because they have a closer connection to nature.


Similarly, we had Design D which I really liked, as it was sustainable and multipurpose to use its space wisely. On the top it had a sports pitch, which is ideal for the younger community, it is a place where people can socialise and make bonds with new people in the community. Additionally, it had a retro interior which brought a warm, friendly feeling which is needed to attract people to a library. However, a lot of the Geography Ambassador’s commented that they were not overall keen on the exterior of the library. So, we all wrote our comment down and placed them in the comments box making our mark for the future. It was a real privilege to have a say in the future of Thamesmead.


Figure 6- Looking at the map of Thamesmead and the proposed development.



Figure 7- Princess voting on the design of the library.

As well as admiring the models, it was lovely to see the new current year 11’s Ambassador’s again, as I have sadly had my time at St Paul’s Academy (currently a year 12 student), and it was lovely to meet and bring our geography knowledge together, to bring a positive impact to our community. Geography has shaped us all and I think I wouldn’t understand everything like I do now, I really hope that you consider to take up Geography in the future because it certainly has intrigued me to learn about the world we live in. 


Figure 8- Amy Kren (article write) casting her vote.

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