Languages Live Show

In October, a group of Y11 students had the opportunity to attend the Languages Live Show, which took place in the Business Design Centre, Islington.

The students selected were students who are interested in studying languages post GCSE. During the Languages Live Show, they visited different stands where advice on different language related career pathways was given. Also, they were able to discuss the possibility of further language courses offered at Sixth Form and university level. 

Students were able to attend taster sessions in different languages, interacting with native speakers. They also got to learn more about new cultures! The trip was a fantastic opportunity for our students to collect many useful resources to  support their learning in school.



Here is some student feedback:

"This trip was very productive in that we got a lot of free resources to aid us in our Spanish studies. We also conversed with a lot of native speakers which put our learning into contexts. We spoke in Spanish throughout the day which consolidated my vocabulary and knowledge of tenses" Laschar 

"I found the Languages Show extremely enlightening as I was able to discover different cultures and languages from all around the world within one place." Callista 

"I personally really enjoyed the trip, mostly because of the different stalls showcasing different cultures. Also, the fact that resources were handed out to us was extremely helpful in terms of learning new things about languages". Sarah