Synchronised Swimming


Kent County Synchronised Swimming Success for Billie

On Sunday 12th November, Year 7 student Billie Grover took part in the Kent County Synchronised Swimming Invitational and Kent Championship Competition.

In the morning of the event was the figures competition.  This is when competitors perform a position (called a figure) in front of a panel of 5 judges.  Billie had to perform 3 figures – a Blossom, Ballet Leg Single and Neptunus.  Each judge scores all three figures and then the average of all these three scores is found and displayed as the competitors overall score.  In this event Billie finished in 2nd place overall in the Kent Championship.



In the afternoon Billie’s team took part in the routine section.  They competed in the Division 1 U12 section.  Alongside her team Billie performed a routine to music and this time were judged by a group of 10 judges.  5 assessed the technical merit of the routine while the other 5 judged the performers artistic impression of the routine.  In this event Billie’s team finished in silver medal position for the Kent Championship and silver medal position for the Invitational Competition.

The Kent County Championships also see all competitors scores added together to get a final, overall club position.  Erith and District Swimming Club who Billie represents had the highest total score on the day and have therefore been named as the top swimming club in Kent; a feat which they had previously never been able to achieve.

A massive congratulations once again to Billie on her wonderful achievements.  Well done Billie, keep up the fantastic work!