English National Opera Trip


On Tuesday the 30th of January, Year 11 and Year 9 GCSE Music students undertook the first trip to London’s Coliseum to continue our school partnership with English National Opera. Students had the opportunity to experience the culture of Opera but also experience the grand environment of London’s Coliseum.

Students were lucky enough to see the second in Philip Glass’ trilogy of operas that celebrates individuals who changed the world through the power of their thinking. Philip Glass’s mesmeric masterpiece has become an icon of contemporary opera. Satyagraha, a Sanskrit word meaning “truth force”, looks at Mahatma Gandhi’s early year in South Africa and his development of non-violent protests as a political tool. Gandhi, a civil rights activist promoted this idea of non-violent protests as a resistance to racism and social injustice. The story moves back and forth through Gandhi’s life, with the flow of time, words and music creating a hypnotic experience.

Although, this trip was a new experience to many students, they enjoyed breaking down the background and purpose of each act and highlighting the importance of each scene in relation to Ghandi’s life.  All students were outstanding ambassadors for St Paul’s Academy.

In connection with the trip, four of our year 9 GCSE Music students have been chosen to take part in ENO’s Youth Project during half term. Students will be working around ‘Satyagraha’ by composing and performing around Philip Glass’ compositional techniques. Further information will follow about these students experience.

coliseum_1   coliseum_2