ENO Trip 2018

War Requiem Dress Rehearsal

Last week we were once again fortunate enough to go to the Coliseum to watch a dress rehearsal of War Requiem by the English National Opera. It was about the inhumanity of war and explored the effects it had on its unlikely victims. The first act focused on conflict and its resounding impacts on society. The second was directed towards themes of grief and the dire aftermath of war as they employed a soprano soloist, large chorus and full orchestra to represent formal grief. The third and final act portrayed the emotions of children, using the ethereal sound of children’s voices and chamber organ, whose innocent, pure voices set them apart from human experience.

It broadened our knowledge of opera and benefited us vastly. It expanded our understanding of music and showed us a new style, which we can incorporate into developing our GCSE compositions. We heard new techniques, learning new ways to orchestrate and accompany our songs.




We enjoyed the opera, and were mesmerised throughout by the style and technique presented by the soloists and choir. Overall, the opera utilised special effects and beautiful voices to convey feelings of empathy and sorrow, which furthered the moral of the opera. It successfully depicted the calamity of war. We are greatly thankful to English National Opera for providing us with this opportunity.

Written by Rebecca Le – Y10