Whitstable Retreats -Year 8 and 9


What the students said about the Whitstable Retreats….

‘Can we come back?’

‘I’ve had an amazing time and it's been good to make new friends…’.

‘I’ve enjoyed everything, the bowling, the food, the people and the prayer’.

‘It was good to hear all the positive things people said about me…it made me feel good about myself…I liked the space and the quiet times as well as the social time'

‘The food was amazing I had several helpings of the pasta’…         

‘I enjoyed the walk by the sea even though it was quite cold.’  

‘The small groups were great we really got to know more about each other and ourselves…’

‘The St. Vincent’s Team were really friendly, fun and helpful’                                            

‘Can we go back next year?’

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