St Paul's community garden


Students still attending school during the COVID 19 pandemic spent time in the garden utilising the rejuvenated space created in the Autumn term by Year 9 volunteers. The grant donated by Jack Petchey has now be put to good use by developing raised beds. We have now been able to purchase seeds to plant in seed trays or on the raised bank by the shed. Students from Year 7 to 10 were able to enjoy the sunshine and the Peace Garden and also contribute to improving the areas biodiversity.


The St Paul’s Academy Peace Garden given a new lease of life by the Year 9 students

Students completed various activities in the garden, including creating a wildflower meadow on the raised bank. This was strenuous work as the ground needed to be raked and water before we planted wild flower species, such as Ox Eye Daisies and Poppies. It is hope they will blossom over the next month to encourage bees and butterflies to the garden. Pictures of Oliver, Jack and Rachel can be seen below in preparing the area and planting the seeds.



Jack raking the soil to water and then plant the wildflower seeds


 Rachael enjoying the use of the outside space and gardening



Jack raking the site located on top of the raised bank underneath the hawthorn trees to create the wildflower meadow

In addition to this activity, the students were able to place seedlings in pots ready to plant in the raised beds when we have place top soil in them. Oliver decided to plant carrots (as seen below) whilst Jack and Rachael choose tomato and chilli peppers.


Oliver placing top soil in pots to plant his carrots seeds


The seed of choice were carrots, chilli peppers and tomatoes


garden_7 garden_8
 Two additional raised beds created by the Duke of Edinburgh students; one for flowers and the other for vegetables

Mr Elderidge helping students to plant vegetable seeds in plant pots


The garden has moved from one that was disused and rundown to one that is now being used by students and staff alike. Please see our future publications and Twitter account for more details of activities continuing in the summer time. I must take this opportunity to thank Jack Petchey for the grant, which has been the catalyst to the transformation in this area. My thanks is extended to all those students who have aided in creating an environment that the school community can use. You are incredible assets to the school.


The students have started the school project to be sustainable in growing their own food. Many thanks to Oliver, Jack (on his first day) and Rachael for being the first of many to plant seeds and maintain the garden. We have now had 40 students be part of enhancing this school environment through volunteering.

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