Ending Racism



Year 11 student, Esther Ojobaro entered The Schools Media Competition 2021 hosted by Columban Missionaries with the theme of 'Let's create a world without Racism'. Esther was more than delighted when she found out that she was awarded 1st place in the competition!!

Congratulations Esther, we are all so proud of you!



I heard about the competition through my art teacher, Mr Michalopoulos. I then went on to the Columban Missionaries website to observe their previous competitions.

I wanted to participate in the competition because I was focused on using my art skills to create an artwork that relates to the assigned theme "Ending Racism". I also wanted my piece to bring about awareness to the ongoing problem by creating a project that can unite us. 

I feel delighted that I have won the competition!

Esther Ojobaro - Year 11 student

For further information about the competition, please click here to visit the Columban Missionaries website.