On Friday 11th June YouthBuild attended St Paul’s Academy to work with our Year 10 in a workshop aimed at ‘Building Brighter Futures Together’. The aim of YouthBuild Champions is to inspire young people to improve their lives and communities by building skills and resources to reach their full potential. Within the workshop, Year 10 worked with the ambassadors to build skillsets and a resilience mindset to ensure positive academic steps to success for their GCSEs.

Initially, the YouthBuild team conducted ice-breaker games to enable communication between the groups. Ambassadors were integrated within the group to build positive relationships with the Year 10 students and they introduced their own stories about education to the group. This was a powerful motivational tool and our Year 10 were positive engaged with the messages that were said.


‘Listening to the ambassadors allowed me to identify barriers to my education and forward thinking to what I need to do to ensure I am successful in Year 11 at St Paul’s Academy’ (Year 10 student).

The students then broke into smaller groups with different members of the YouthBuild team paired with a group. Students worked with the mentors to identify barriers to their learning and how to mitigate these barriers using a positive growth mindset. Photos of group activities can be seen below.


‘Working with young adults that have been where I feel I am and have come through to be successful is an empowering experience and one that I will take much from.’ (Year 10 student at St Paul’s Academy)


The visit has proven successful in students from St Paul’s being able to reflect on their current learning and setting intrinsic goals for the future. We look forward to welcoming YouthBuild back to mentor our students further. Please see quotes below from the YouthBuild Ambassadors.

‘Our visit to St Paul’s Academy was definitely one to remember. We got to spend a few hours with youths aged 14-16 that had been finding school challenging and some on the verge of not attending anymore. We spent our time finding out what obstacles and barriers they were facing and came up with solutions together.  I won’t lie it was very hard getting a group of teenagers motivated on a Friday afternoon in 23 degree heat but we managed none the less and both us YouthBuild students as well as St Paul’s Academy walked away feeling such a sense of achievement that day.’ (Celine- YouthBuild Graduate) 


‘I was very nervous leading up to the day having left St Paul’s myself without finishing my GCSEs, but when I got there I felt happy because I knew that the person I am today is different to who I was then and I was happy to share that.’ (Billy, YouthBuild Graduate) 


 YouthBuild with Year 10 students at St Paul’s Academy.

To summarise the day and leave a quote that resonates with our students on their journey at the school I leave you with a message from Mohammed Ali:

‘Champions are not made in gyms. Champions are made from something deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.’

Working with YouthBuild has provided a platform whereby the students have started to believe in a dream and started to nurture the skills and will they need to achieve it.