DofE Expedition


Although the global pandemic has hampered the preparation for Year 11 to organise their Bronze expedition, this has not deterred them. As many of the cohort have completed their Skills, Physical and Volunteering stages, we have now started to prepare for the expedition in July. This is the first year group to participate in the Bronze Award Expedition stage at St Paul’s Academy and it is thanks to the D of E regional team for providing the grant to fund necessary kit that we are able to make the expedition a reality.

In addition, the students should be commended for making the school and wider community a better place through the different activities they have participated in. A special mention goes to Toyosi, who has volunteered at a charity shop at the weekend to help the local community.



Picture 1: Leo’s team contend with the winds on the field. They were the first to pitch the tent.

This was the first time the students have had to get the Duke of Edinburgh kit out of the store and put it in practice.

Some of the teams were not as quick as Leo’s team, taking over an hour. However, given this is a novice situation for many they can be forgiven!



Picture 2: Angel’s team worked hard to pitch the tent.

Students on the Bronze expedition will be assessed by a member of the Duke of Edinburgh staff at school on 20 conditions, which include tent-pitching, map reading and cooking an evening meal on a stove.

These skills will be developed over the next couple of weeks and will be a welcome respite from GCSE revision.  On Monday 9th May, the six-person teams will plan their routes for their expedition to Shooters Hill using six figure grid references. Students have already developed skills needed for the walk, including First Aid and team-word skills.



Picture 3: The twins (Patrick and Freddy) prepare for sleeping in the four person tent.





Picture 4: Team Nana enjoyed the experience.