Planning for DofE


Year 11 Plan their Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Route

Year 11 are now in the middle of planning expedition routes for their Bronze Award qualification. Students have been revisiting four and six figure references, compass skills and map symbols in an aim to plan their route to Shooters Hill. The planned expedition dates will happen in June and July and are the first to happen since the school has become a fully Licenced Centre. This has been due to forced closures due to lockdown.


Picture 1: Nana’s Team plan their expedition route using the OS Map of South East London

This was the first time the students have had the opportunity for route planning and all 10 teams are now prepared for their walking routes to Shooters Hill. Our main aim for the expedition is to support the wider community and this can encompass different activities, such as litter picking and volunteering taking place along the route.



Picture 2: A picture of envy with Nana modelling her new expedition kit

The picture above is significant in our progress of developing a sustainable Duke of Edinburgh within the school. Nana – a student in Year 11- has been awarded with a 65-litre rucksack from the Cotswold Outdoor Company. This award is due to Nana – despite being in lockdowns – becoming the first student to achieve the Volunteering, Skills and Physical sections in the school in 2020. Her activities included walking as part of the physical section during lockdown along the Thames River pathway. Nana has also completed 3 months of online courses with the iDEA website and improved the biodiversity of the school through planting trees, maintaining the Peace Garden and planting crops in the school garden. Nana should be commended for her efforts and has become a role model for other Year 11 to follow in her footsteps.



Picture 3: Nana displaying the newest expedition kit that she has been awarded.