Simba's Pride

‘When a young lion cub is born to the King, not everyone is happy with the new arrival.  The mighty King Mufasa has an enemy within his pride.  Will Mufasa see it before it's too late?  Will young Simba survive his first year?  Will he survive the terrible tragedy that is set within his fate?  Dangerous times lay ahead for the young lion of the pride lands.  There are new friends to be made and adventures to be had along the way too.

Is Simba brave enough to return to his homeland and face his enemy, the notorious Scorn and take what’s rightfully his?  Will the pride lands return to how they've been for generations?

Pride is everything, when there is everything to lose!

Come and watch this exciting production of 'Simba’s Pride' and follow Simba and his friends through the trials and tribulations of life. 

Many thanks for your support whilst putting this show together and we hope you all enjoyed the performances.

Simba_Pride Simba_Pride1 Simba_Pride2