Valencia 2017


As part of their GCSE Spanish studies, a group of Y10 students went on a trip to Valencia, Spain, in July 2017. It was the occasion for students and staff to discover the Spanish city and its culture. They had the opportunity to visit the main sites in Valencia, like Mestalla, the local team's football stadium. Students also had the opportunity to visit the Albufera lake in Valencia, which is a natural park of outstanding importance to the city. Y10 spent a day in the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, where they visited the Science Museum, watched a film in an IMAX cinema and learnt about sea life at the Oceanografic. During their free time, they enjoyed the beach and the city centre and its iconic buildings like the Central Market. Staff were impressed with the students' behaviour throughout the week and their willingness to apply their Spanish knowledge to communicate with local people. Y10 were a credit to St Paul's Academy and found this experience extremely useful, encouraging and a motivation to continue with their language studies.

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